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For my bestie, americankenway

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This took way too long, and it looks like shit so basically wasted all that time on this piece of poos, ugh I really need to improve my editing skills because UGH JUST UGH Is anyone still reading this?

After a month I was finally able to get some alone time, and create this special edit which, once again, I’m terribly sorry about, I know it looks really bad because I’m level 3 Photoshop skills. 

This edit is to all my baes that had their Birthdays from March - April. It was aimed at 4 specific people that I hold near, and dear to my heart, but anybody else that had their Birthdays from that time frame can just take this in as a Birthday wish as well.

Happy Birthday! You’re all so very supportive, kind, and just overall friking amazeballs people. I’ll always, and forever love you guys even though the road might get bumpy along the way, but HOLY SHIT LONG STORY SHORT I LOVE YOU BBYS, JESUS. 

Noemi March, 12. 

Diana March, 14. 

Gianna April, 19. 

Robin April, 21. 

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"Still the same cocky little shit."

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Athena   •   Nisha   •   Claptrap   •   Wilhelm

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Sasha + Potatoes otp

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